I recently made a tent for my bug out bag. I used a piece   of of black builders plastic, pvc pipe and duck tape. It is nice and lite and will keep the rain and wind off you. I would like to use a thicker plastic than what I am currently using but this will work for the mean time.


Cut a piece of plastic to the right size for you then fold it in half and make a crease with your fingers. Make a hole on either side of the shelter for the pvc to go through. Strengthen it with duck tape.

Then rap duck tape around the pvc pipe so the plastic catches on the duck tape.

Then take a piece of rope and half it tie the middle around the pvc pipe and peg out and you have a tent.

hope you this help’s you



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What do you think about fishing as a survival method

What Do you think about fishing in a survival situation? I think it is a good method of getting food because when every one starts hunting animals are going to be going fast. I also think that learning to make traps is a good idea small traps for rabbits and so on.

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Drinking straw fire lighters

Please check out my drinking straw fire lighters

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B.O.B Bug Out Bag

Bug out bags are also known as B.OB. A bug out bag is a bag that is packed and ready to go. You get bug out bags that are suitable for different lengths of time depending on what is in the bug out bag.  It should have some form of food, water and shelter in it to start with.  I keep water bottles near my bag  so that I can fill them before I leave. You should also have some sort of way to filter  and purify water. There are water purification pills, simple home made water filters, or better filters that can be bought.


FOOD:  You can put what ever you want in your bag ,it should have a very long shelf life, for example tin food is a good idea but is very heavy so you can look and decide what  you want to use. You can also pack your own rice and things like dry bean,lentils. It is difficult to get hold of what is known as  MRE’S ( Meals Ready to Eat) in South Africa what you may know as rat packs,they are also expensive and it might be a better idea to make your own stuff up. You should also take lots of spice as it can add variety to your meal.


SHELTER : There are some different types of things you can use for shelter. You can use black builders plastic or black bags.  If you want to spend a bit more you can get some good very light weight tents for hiking or tarps that can be turned into a tent quite quickly and effectively.


CLOTHES : The clothes in your bag can be old tough clothes. You can also spend some more and buy some clothes for your bug out bag, the main thing is that the clothes are tough hard wearing.


FIRE : You should have different ways to make fire, for instance water proof matches, lighter ,flint. You should also have fire starters like candles or newspaper fire lighters just some way to get the fire going.

FIRST AID KIT : Your first aid kit should have what you are comfortable with in it. You don’t need a huge one, some plasters a bandage or two and some disinfectant will do fine.

TORCH: In your bug out bag you should have some source of light. A good reliable torch is fine, a head torch is best because both hands are free to do work with.  It is a good idea to have a small lantern in your tent or shelter, it is a real morale booster to have some light.

I hope you have learned something from this and remember, start off slowly, its better than not starting.Anything you have ready to go will help you.






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B.O.B Bug Out Bag

What do you think should be in a bug out bag. Do you have a bug out bag and if you do what is in it and how long could you last with it.  What is some of the important things you should have in a bug out bag. Do you think you should have a weapon with you when you bug out. What weapon would you take a real fire arm or a security marker or just some pepper spray or teargas.

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Good fire lighters

You can make some really make some awesome fire lighters using newspaper and wax.

You will need

1 x pot  (old)

News paper


2 x  forks


The method is to boil the news paper in the pot for about 5 min. You then pull the news paper apart with the 2 forks. You then compress the news paper to get as much of the water off as possible (Tabasco sauce bottle and tea candle container with some holes in the bottom and push the bottle into the tea candle holder) . You then let them dry out completely then you melt some candles in the pot let the wax boil for a minute you then drop the dried news paper in to the wax. Make sure that the news paper is completely covered then take it out and let dry.

How to use

Break a bit of and light or break and fluff up with a knife and light with flint.

These are great because you can put them strait in your bag and they are not messy


I got the idea from

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What do you think about rocket stoves

What do you think about rocket stoves if you have not heard of it check it up and tell me what you think.

If you have got some tips on rocket stoves pleas post them in the comments section.


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