Good fire lighters

26 Aug

You can make some really make some awesome fire lighters using newspaper and wax.

You will need

1 x pot  (old)

News paper


2 x  forks


The method is to boil the news paper in the pot for about 5 min. You then pull the news paper apart with the 2 forks. You then compress the news paper to get as much of the water off as possible (Tabasco sauce bottle and tea candle container with some holes in the bottom and push the bottle into the tea candle holder) . You then let them dry out completely then you melt some candles in the pot let the wax boil for a minute you then drop the dried news paper in to the wax. Make sure that the news paper is completely covered then take it out and let dry.

How to use

Break a bit of and light or break and fluff up with a knife and light with flint.

These are great because you can put them strait in your bag and they are not messy


I got the idea from

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