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I recently made a tent for my bug out bag. I used a piece   of of black builders plastic, pvc pipe and duck tape. It is nice and lite and will keep the rain and wind off you. I would like to use a thicker plastic than what I am currently using but this will work for the mean time.


Cut a piece of plastic to the right size for you then fold it in half and make a crease with your fingers. Make a hole on either side of the shelter for the pvc to go through. Strengthen it with duck tape.

Then rap duck tape around the pvc pipe so the plastic catches on the duck tape.

Then take a piece of rope and half it tie the middle around the pvc pipe and peg out and you have a tent.

hope you this help’s you



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What do you think about fishing as a survival method

What Do you think about fishing in a survival situation? I think it is a good method of getting food because when every one starts hunting animals are going to be going fast. I also think that learning to make traps is a good idea small traps for rabbits and so on.

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Posted by on September 5, 2013 in What do you think ?